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From the Publisher’s Desk


Daer Readers

When I first took on the role of publisher for the West Plains Daily Quill and West Plains Gazette, it wasn't simply a job; it was an undertaking that spoke to my very core beliefs about community, democracy, and shared knowledge. The saying goes, "To whom much is given, much is required," and I can't help but feel that it is a profound privilege to be given the responsibility of chronicling the lifeblood of West Plains through the written word.

In the era of the 24-hour news cycle, of algorithms and social media echo chambers, the value of a hometown newspaper cannot be overstated.

So, what sets a hometown newspaper apart from the conglomerates that seem to hog the limelight? Simply put, it's the focus on local issues, events, and voices. Your son's winning touchdown, the annual county fair, the opening of a new community center — these are not just footnotes in the lives of West Plains residents; they are the milestones that define us.

This brings me to an announcement I'm incredibly excited to share. Readers will notice this week a tremendous increase in our local sports coverage. Our team has been working tirelessly to put together comprehensive pieces, in-depth profiles, and eye-catching photographs that will bring our local athletes the attention and recognition they deserve.

Why the emphasis on sports, you might ask? Because sports are more than just games; they are a manifestation of community spirit. They teach us values like teamwork, commitment, and the spirit of healthy competition. Sports are where bonds are formed and friendships are solidified, not just among the players but among families, neighbors, and the community at large. As such, local sports deserve a special place in the community memory, and we intend to give them precisely that.

Furthermore, our investment in local sports coverage is symbolic of our larger commitment to West Plains. Whether we're reporting on city council meetings, school board decisions, or local heroes making a difference, our objective remains the same: to serve the public interest by providing accurate, unbiased, and deeply local content that enriches the lives of our readers.

The honor of serving as the publisher of the West Plains Daily Quill and West Plains Gazette is not something I take lightly. It's a privilege that comes with the responsibility to uphold the values of journalistic integrity, community engagement, and democratic discourse. With the continued support of our readers and the West Plains community, I am confident that we will not just sustain, but thrive, elevating the stories that matter most to you.

Thank you, West Plains, for allowing me this remarkable privilege. We're not just reporting the news; together, we're making history. And that's a responsibility I am proud to shoulder.

Warm Regards,
Chris Herbolsheimer
West Plains Daily Quill and West Plains Gazette