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From the Publisher’s Desk


Dear Readers,

You know, every so often, we have a moment of epiphany in the most unexpected of places — for me, it was in a cluttered, overlooked closet at the front of my office.

Before you wonder what deep philosophical lessons a closet might teach, allow me to paint the scene: In the heart of my office stood this bulky walk-in, a storeroom brimming with...well, a museum of office memorabilia best described as artifacts of procrastination. Imagine the dusty remnants of projects past, binders that haven't felt human touch in years, and an odd collection of objects that’d make one ask, "Why did I ever think I'd need this again?"

For the longest time, like many unattended dreams, there loomed an ambition: to declutter this space and reap the benefits of accessible storage. However, as with many projects, the "tomorrows" had added up into years. But motivation struck, and one day, amidst the clatter and clutter, after some devoted hours of sorting and trashing, it wasn’t the newfound space that caught my eye — it was the potential.

Surrounding this dark cubbyhole was a window display facing Washington Avenue, showcasing Quill memorabilia. It was like a cinema screen, playing a silent movie of nostalgia to every passerby. Mid-cleanse, it struck me: "Why waste such a lovely view on relics of the past when I could be part of the bustling scene outside?"

Energized by this new vision, I embarked on a renovation frenzy. Down went the walls that confined the closet, up came the relic of the 50-year-old carpet, making way for the embrace of gleaming tiles. The result? My desk, now ensconced in this rejuvenated area, practically lets me brush hands with Washington Avenue, basking in the sunlight and energy of the outside world.

The lesson herein isn't about carpentry or interior design; it's about vision and the courage to reimagine. Sometimes, breaking barriers, both literal and metaphorical, can lead to creations more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Our endeavors with the West Plains Daily Quill mirror this journey. With the revival of the West Plains Gazette, we were in a similar conundrum. The blueprint was ambitious, the changes drastic. We were tearing down proverbial walls, uncertain if our new design would resonate with our loyal readers. Yet, much like the transformation of my office, we forged ahead with determination and vision.

And as my newly transformed office space has become a source of pride and joy for me, so has the revamped West Plains Gazette for our team. Our metamorphosis, though fraught with challenges and unknowns, resulted in something genuinely spectacular.

Both stories underscore a profound life lesson: Whether it's dusty closets or dated newspaper formats, there's transformative power in seeing beyond the present. By challenging norms, embracing change, and having the tenacity to chase a vision, we often end up crafting spaces and stories that aren't just functional or engaging, but are rich tapestries interwoven with pride, purpose, and possibility.

To the bustling scenes of Washington Avenue, and to our readers old and new, here's to bold visions and beautiful transformations.

Warm regards,
Chris Herbolsheimer
West Plains Daily Quill and West Plains Gazette