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From the Publisher’s Desk


Dear Readers,

I'm here today not just as the publisher of West Plains Daily Quill and West Plains Gazette, but as a fellow resident who's deeply invested in our community's journey into the digital age.

We've always prided ourselves on being a beacon of news and information in our region. But in an ever-evolving digital world, we realized it was time for a shift. Moving away from our daily e-Edition, we've embarked on a new path — one that promises more news, more stories and more of what you need to know, delivered directly through our website, westplainsdailyquill.com.

The decision to drop the daily e-Edition wasn't taken lightly. It's about adapting to how you, our readers, prefer to receive your news in this modern era. The website offers a user-friendly experience where you can easily access the latest news. Plus, this digital focus allows us to update you throughout the day — news doesn't wait, and neither should you.

One of the most exciting aspects of this transformation is our ability to bring news to you as it happens. No more waiting for an evening round-up. Our online platform means breaking news, community stories, and local insights are just a click away.

To complement your morning routine, we've launched a newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. Imagine enjoying your coffee while reading a curated selection of the day's headlines, thoughtfully prepared to kickstart your day with a well-informed perspective.

But we're not stopping there. In our quest to be your one-stop information shop, we're adding several new sections to our website:

- Where to Eat: This comprehensive restaurant guide will be your best friend for culinary exploration in our area.

- Where to Shop: A detailed list of independent retailers, because supporting local businesses is more important than ever.

- Where to Stay: Whether you have visitors or want a staycation, our extensive list of hotels and accommodations will be invaluable.

Our vision for the website is to create a space that's not just an excellent resource for locals but also a welcoming guide for visitors. We want everyone who spends time on westplainsdailyquill.net and westplainsdailyquill.com to feel like they're part of our community, equipped with knowledge about everything our beautiful region offers.

This is more than a digital shift; it's a commitment to grow alongside our community, to innovate, and to ensure that we're serving you in the best way possible. The West Plains Daily Quill is proud to be your trusted source for news and information, and we're excited to embark on this new digital journey with you.

Warm regards,
Chris Herbolsheimer
West Plains Daily Quill & West Plains Gazette