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From the Publisher's Desk


Dear readers and our warmly welcomed guests,

As we revel in the excitement of the Party in the Path, gearing up for Monday's total solar eclipse, I'm struck by the profound significance of what we're about to experience together. This isn't just an astronomical event; it's a historic occasion that weaves a thread between the past, present, and future, connecting us across the expanse of time.

The last time our ancestors witnessed such a spectacle was in 1869. Imagine, just for a moment, the awe and wonder they must have felt as they looked up at the sky, a sight that has lived on only in the pages of history books and the tales passed down through generations. And now, here we are in 2024, ready to stand where they once stood, to look up where they once looked, and to feel that same sense of awe that transcends the ages.

As the moon's shadow descends upon us, casting darkness in the middle of the day, it does more than just dim the sun; it illuminates something within us all – a sense of unity and togetherness. It's a beautiful reminder that no matter our backgrounds, beliefs, or where we come from, we share in the human experience, in moments of wonder and in the marvels of our universe.

West Plains is on the verge of marking its place on the global stage of astronomical events, adding a new chapter to its already rich narrative. Our town, with its deep roots and vibrant history, is honored to host this spectacular celestial dance. It's a privilege to stand as a gathering point for both our local community and visitors who have journeyed from afar to witness this marvel together.

To our guests who have traveled to be part of this historic moment, we extend the warmest of welcomes. Your presence enriches our celebration, and we're delighted to share with you the beauty of our town and the warmth of our community. West Plains is more than just a backdrop for the eclipse; it's a place of connection, of shared stories, and of coming together.

And let's not forget about the highlight of our festivities – the "Neon Parade" set to light up our historic downtown tonight at 7:30 p.m. The parade route, starting on West Main Street and winding its way through Downtown West Plains and the Court Square, before proceeding to the West Plains Civic Center, promises a spectacle of light and color that mirrors the wonder of the eclipse itself. It's a celebration not just of the celestial event but of our community spirit, our history, and our collective excitement.

As we count down to the eclipse, let's cherish this opportunity to connect with one another and with the generations who have come before us. Let's create new memories that will be passed down to the future, bridging the gap between the past and the present. Here in West Plains, under the shadow of the moon, we're not just spectators to a cosmic phenomenon; we're part of a story that stretches across the ages, a story of community, of unity, and of the enduring human fascination with the universe that surrounds us.

Enjoy the festivities, the company, and the marvel that is the eclipse. Here's to creating moments that will live on in our hearts and in the tales we'll tell for generations to come.

Warmest regards,
Chris Herbolsheimer
West Plains Daily Quill & West Plains Gazette