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From the Publisher's Desk


Dear Readers,

Tonight, the West Plains music scene offers an extraordinary opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Dennis “Haxaw” Bottoms, the celebrated subject of today's Gazette feature story, will be performing live at Dev's Steakhouse Piano Bar Lounge at 7 p.m. While the Old-Time Music Festival is drawing crowds at the civic center and Big Smith is set to hit the stage at 8 p.m., I urge you to make time for a truly exceptional musical experience with Haxaw.

Dennis Bottoms, affectionately known as "Haxaw," is not just any musician. His banjo playing is nothing short of phenomenal, weaving intricate melodies and rhythms that captivate and mesmerize. But Haxaw’s talent extends beyond his technical prowess; he is a masterful storyteller, infusing his performances with tales that are rich in humor, emotion, and wisdom. His music is a journey, transporting listeners to places where the soul finds solace and joy.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Dennis as part of our community. His presence in West Plains is a boon to our local culture, and tonight's performance at Dev's Steakhouse Piano Bar Lounge is a chance to experience his artistry up close and personal. Dev’s, renowned for its cozy ambiance and outstanding acoustics, provides the perfect setting for an intimate concert where every note and nuance can be fully appreciated.

As you make your plans for the evening, consider this: A night out that begins with Haxaw’s exceptional performance is bound to be memorable. Picture yourself in the warm, inviting atmosphere of Dev's, savoring a delicious meal from their fantastic menu, perhaps a perfectly cooked steak or a fresh seafood dish, paired with a drink from their well-stocked bar. The synergy of good food, great company, and extraordinary music is a recipe for a perfect evening.

After Haxaw’s set, you can still head over to the civic center to catch Big Smith, who will undoubtedly put on a fantastic show. But there is something special about starting your night with Haxaw. It’s an opportunity to witness a rare talent in a setting that feels personal and exclusive.

Tonight is your chance to be part of something special, to support a local artist whose talent enriches our community.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself thanking me for steering you towards an unforgettable night. Dennis “Haxaw” Bottoms is a performer who gives his all, and tonight, he’s ready to share his gift with all of us. Don’t miss out — be there, and be part of a night that will remind you why we are so lucky to call West Plains home.

Warm Regards,
Chris Herbolsheimer
West Plains Daily Quill & West Plains Gazette