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Keith Bay, 34, Birch Tree, was ticketed at 8:01 p.m. Feb. 16 on a charge of failure to show proof of insurance. Sgt. Kaleb Berkshire.

Jansen Acklin, 26, Mtn. View, was ticketed at 10:51 p.m. Feb. 16 on a charge of failure to show proof of insurance. Sgt. Berkshire.

Taylor Davis, 20, Winona, was ticketed at 2:35 a.m. Feb. 18 on charges of driving while intoxicated by alcohol and being a minor in possession. Officer Alexis Johnson.


Cpl. Israel Guidry responded on Feb. 16 to a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol of a vehicle on fire being hauled down U.S. 60 by forklift. The vehicle was found, on fire, at Gentleman Jim’s and had been transported with a front loader and was being extinguished when he arrived. The fire department also responded and worked on putting out fires along the side of the highway.

On Feb. 16, Officer Johnson stopped a vehicle for making an illegal right turn and swerving. A consent search turned up 2 grams of methamphetamine.

Assistant Chief Stetson Schwien stopped on Feb. 16 for a vehicle that appeared to be disabled. He spoke with the driver, who was with a survey team. The vehicle was not disabled and the driver moved it further off the road.

On Feb. 16, Assistant Chief Schwien conducted a well-being check at the request of the Howell County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Berkshire assisted a motorist on Feb. 16.

On Feb. 16, a person called police about a stray dog she’d taken in, advising she could not keep the dog and had not been able to find a home for it. She had previous called the animal control officer, who told her he would not be taking the animal; police affirmed that animal control would not be taking the animal. She called again and was once again told the city will not take in the animal, and animal control would contact her. Sgt. Berkshire.

Officer First Class Kylie McGee gave a courtesy ride on Feb. 17.

On Feb. 17, Officer First Class McGee located a vehicle that had been reported stolen and stopped the vehicle. The vehicle’s owner was driving it, and the passenger was taken into custody on active arrest warrants.

Assistant Chief Schwien was dispatched on Feb. 17 to East Seventh Street for a complaint of stolen debit and credit cards and IDs. A report was taken and the case is under investigation.

On Feb. 17, Officer First Class McGee attempted to speak with a person in a vehicle sitting in the parking lot of a store, and he advised he was waiting on Door Dash orders.

Lt. Trenton Roberts was dispatched on Feb. 18 to McDonald’s to remove a man from the premises. He located the man and told him not to return.

On Feb. 18, Cpl. Guidry conducted extra patrol as requested.

Cpl. Guidry responded on Feb. 18 to a call regarding a medium tan dog chasing a woman and her dog into the woman’s house. He was unable to find the dog.

On Feb. 18, Cpl. Guidry secured the doors on the building at the golf course.

Cpl. Guidry conducted extra patrol on Feb. 18.

On Feb. 19, Cpl. Guidry responded to a commercial alarm. Dispatch tried unsuccessfully to reach the key holder. The doors were found to be secure and there was no sign of forced entry.

Cpl. Guidry responded to a call on Feb. 19 regarding a person entering a woman’s home without her consent. The person was trespassed from the property and a report was taken.

On Feb. 19, Lt. Roberts was contacted by a woman regarding a ticket her son had been issued. He gave her information.

Lt. Roberts spoke to a man on Feb. 19 regarding a ticket he had been issued and provided information.

On Feb. 19, Children’s Division requested an officer to assist with a home visit. Lt. Roberts assisted.

On Tuesday, Cpl. Guidry responded to a noninjury crash involving two vehicles. Both vehicles were towed from the scene and a report was taken.

Assistant Chief Schwien responded on Wednesday to a noninjury traffic crash. Both vehicles involved were driven from the scene. Information was taken for a crash report.

On Wednesday, a woman called to report her husband had lost his wallet, possibly at Anchor C-Store. Cpl. Guidry informed her no wallet had been turned in, but if it was found, she would be notified.

Cpl. Guidry responded Wednesday to Dameon Street for a well-being check. The subject reported she was not feeling well, and when he asked if she needed an ambulance, she fell backward onto the floor. She was taken in an ambulance for treatment.

On Thursday, Cpl. Guidry responded to a self-inflected gunshot wound at the Mercy St. Francis emergency room. A man had accidentally shot himself in the face while back-roading in Shannon County with his girlfriend, who was driving. Deputies were advised and arrived to take a report.

Assistant Chief Schwien was at the municipal court on Thursday and arrested two men, one for an active city warrant, and the other for a court order violation. Both were later released on judge’s order, with new payment plans.

On Thursday, Assistant Chief Schwien took a theft report Thursday on East Fifth Street. The reporting party said a renter had moved out of the property and stolen appliances and other items from the house. The case is under investigation.

Assistant Chief Schwien assisted animal control on Thursday with a report of a loose dog. He tried to contact the dog’s owner on Jackson Street, but got no answer and made plans to return at a later time and issue a ticket. Police had received multiple complaints and note the dog’s owner had been contacted about the issue in the past.

On Thursday, Cpl. Guidry was contacted by Children’s Division staff, requesting information about a man whose daughter had run away from her grandmother’s house, where she lived, to the man’s house in Mtn. View. The Children’s Division employee thought Mtn. View police had helped find the girl, but that was not the case, so the caller next planned to contact the Howell County Sheriff’s Office.