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New voter ID cards mailed in Howell County


Howell County Clerk Kelly Waggoner announced her office has mailed 2024-2025 voter identification cards to the 24,623 active voters within the county. Voters should receive their white post card with a blue banner and an American Flag within a few days.

“Missouri law requires that a new identification card be sent to each active voter every two years as part of a canvassing process to determine if the voter still resides at the address where they are registered,” Waggoner explained.

The cards are being sent by nonforwardable mail to the address currently on file with the clerk’s office. Voters whose cards are returned as undeliverable by the post office will be placed in an inactive status and will be deleted from the county voter registration files, per statute after the second federal election, in November 2028, has passed, if the voter has not updated their registration by then, Waggoner said.

ID verification letters have also been sent to the 673 voters who registered by mail and who will need to show identification to an election judge when they vote for the first time in Howell County.

Any voter who does not receive a new card in the mail within the next few days should contact the county clerk’s office at 417-256-2591.