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Use tech to connect, but don’t get wrapped up in it


To the editor:

Today’s mobile technology has enabled us to connect like never before. That said, it’s important to remain mindful of how quickly you can get wrapped up in it. It’s about finding balance, particularly when in the presence of others. This year, consider setting your device aside and giving the gift of more meaningful connection. 

The constant ping of new messages and status notification can be very distracting and give way to anything but a silent night. Consider simply muting devices and putting them away in a purse or coat pocket, especially during mealtime or when opening presents. Unless you are expecting an urgent call or message, it’s okay not to respond to incoming inquiries instantaneously. Additionally, practice patience with others when their responses seem delayed, as they, too, are likely celebrating with family and friends.  

You might also consider resisting the urge to post photos in real-time, and subsequently check engagement numbers and respond to comments. Instead, strive to stay in the moment and post the content you captured once everyone has gone home.   

Go ahead — use mobile devices and smart home technology to track Santa, check weather and traffic conditions, video chat with far-away family members or check when guests have arrived at the front door. Then, set technology aside and enjoy the wonderment of actual face-time. In the end, your ability to remain present will be the best gift given and received.  

Mike Burwell,
Director of Sales and Operations, UScellular,
Missouri and Illinois